Facilitation, training, and consulting to help community organizations create lasting change.



Change for Good Consulting is led by Farah Fosse, a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, with over 15 years of non-profit experience in the District including community organizing, non-profit program administration, supervising, and clinical services. 

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I provide facilitation to move groups towards cohesion and consensus. I am experienced in conflict resolution, team building, and bringing coalitions together.

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I lead trainings that bring out participants' knowledge and move groups to action. I offer trainings on trauma-informed care, conflict resolution, organizing, and more.

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I offer consulting services to nonprofits, funders, and local government, including grant-writing, program evaluation, program development, and community engagement.

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“I strive to make my commitment to social justice present in all my work, from grant writing to meeting facilitation to program evaluation.”

— Farah Fosse

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