I've lived in the District since 2000 and am a Ward 4 homeowner. My community building experience includes all 8 wards of the city.

I've lived in the District since 2000 and am a Ward 4 homeowner. My community building experience includes all 8 wards of the city.


Hello, I'm Farah

I’m a Licensed Graduate Social Worker, with over 15 years of non-profit experience including community organizing, program and grant management, supervising, and clinical services.

I’m passionate about supporting organizations to create lasting impact at the community level. For me, this means building organizations that actively work towards social and racial justice, ensuring that community organizations integrate social justice values and practices into service delivery, and that organizational culture respects and engages staff and the community. As a program director, I was able to transform a small service-delivery program into a community organizing program which engaged 5,000 people each year and won city-wide campaigns.  

I’m excited to build programs that define milestones, measure success, develop engaging strategies, and accomplish goals. I have over 10 years of experience leading a successful community program with well developed metrics. I managed and fulfilled requirements for over $900,000 in grants from federal and local government, private, and corporate sources.

I’m an affordable housing policy nerd with practical experience in DC’s tenant rights laws and federal affordable housing policy. I have organized, supported, and developed strategies for tenant associations to preserve their affordable housing through use of the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act,  Low Income Housing Tax Credits, project-based Section 8, and continued rent control, as well as other affordable housing programs and subsidies. I have both policy and practical experience with Housing First, and supportive housing. I am passionate about ensuring that the District preserves diversity.

I truly love supervising staff through a coaching model and supporting others to build their supervising skills. I like working through conflict and building engaged teams. I know that good supervising - including hiring, ongoing evaluation, and creating workplans -  involves learning a set of unique skills.

I bring experience as a mental health clinician with a focus on trauma-informed care on the organizational and clinical levels.

I’m fluent in Spanish and offer all of my services and materials in both English and Spanish.

Check out my resume and Linked In for more specifics.