Conducting a training on conflict resolution for leaders in housing cooperatives. 

Conducting a training on conflict resolution for leaders in housing cooperatives. 

I train from a popular education model.
I work to bring out the knowledge that impacted people have, add new information and perspectives, and create space through strong facilitation to build consensus.

I am happy to develop new trainings. I can tailor trainings from 90 minutes to ongoing training and related consulting.

Some of my favorite training topics:

Trauma-Informed Care - Organizational self-assessment, education on trauma and its impacts, and best practices to promote resilience and recovery including coping skills. Related training and consulting includes moving beyond self-care, de-escalation, trauma informed facilitation, and trauma-informed organizing.

Deescalation and Conflict Resolution– Training for front-line staff and administrators to prevent conflicts, deescalate conflicts, and respond to crisis. Training for organizers includes how to deescalate contentious meetings and move from conflict to community building. Training may include planning meetings and events to prevent conflict, integrating trauma-informed practices, facilitating meetings with challenging participants, and creating safety.

Facilitating Difficult Meetings – Tools and tips to facilitate difficult discussions. This workshop can be tailored to your organization and may include taking on issues of organizational oppression, improving staff meetings, and facilitating meetings and workshops with challenging participants.

Coaching as Supervising - How to supervise staff in a way that builds trust, skills, and productivity. This training includes skills such as creating and implementing staff workplans, conducting ongoing evaluations, and creating clear expectations. Training also includes roll-plays to practice having hard conversations and to implement learning. 

Organizing - I offer a variety of tailored trainings around community organizing, including training specific to building an organizing campaign, creating a budget issue campaign, integrating organizing into service programs, and moving service programs to embrace community organizing and engagement.

What others say:

Mi Casa Inc: "Farah Fosse is one of the most effective, astute, and skillful facilitators and trainers I have encountered in over 20 years in community development. Farah's ability to navigate difficult interpersonal dynamics and bring together people across cultural, economic, and linguistic backgrounds is unparalleled. Farah's deeply experienced insight can be applied to almost any situation that requires facilitation, organizing, and/or skill-building in community development to encourage collaboration and produce more effective outcomes." - Elin Zurbrigg, Deputy Director